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Catch Karl on Maude Team Clapback at UCB Sunset every Third Wednesday at 8:30pm

Or performing every third Wednesday on his Character's Welcome Team at UCB Sunset.


See Karl in the Hot Chocolate Party Youtube Sketches!




Karl just finished performing in the WhiteFire Theater production of "The Trip Back Down." Here are some of the reviews:


“...but the two standout performances undoubtedly come from Rob Derringer and Karl Ebergen” - Live Out Loud LA


“I especially liked Karl Ebergen’s red-faced neurosis in the role of Chuck”- Noho Arts District


“In smaller roles, Karl Ebergen was a standout as the young fan obsessed with Bobby” - Tolucan Times


“Karl Ebergen as the geeky, hero-worshipping Chuck is given the best writing of the piece and knows exactly what to do with it”. - WorkingAuthor


"In a scene of hero worshiping by young race car lover Chuck, Karl Ebergen gives a smashing performance." - ReviewPlays

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