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Karl Ebergen is an actor, writer, comedian from San Francisco. Karl has a BA in Theater from UCLA and has performed in multiple sketch groups from COMPANY, UCLA’s longest running sketch group, to HOT CHOCOLATE PARTY, whose sketches were featured in ESPN's SportsCenter, the Huffington Post,, Entertainment Weekly, & more. He was also a cast member of the Amsterdam Comedy & Improv Theater BOOM CHICAGO. He currently performs monthly on House Teams at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles. Besides comedy you may have seen him in a multitude of commercials (Progressive, Geico, and other non-insurance commercials) or in plays that have performed in San Francisco to New York. He likes ultra-marathons, baking, and talking in the third person. 



A Silver Lining                                    Ensemble                 Jessica Salans

Modern Minstrelsy                             Sean Jr.                    Oz Scott

The Trip Back Down                           Chuck                       Terri Hanauer  

Taming of the Shrew                          Phillip                       Carly Weckstein

A Dark Sun                                          Sigmund Freud       Alex Levy

The Incredible and Sad                     Ulysses                    Monica Payne

Tale of Innocent Erendira

Electra                                                 Farmer                     Monica Payne

The Green Bird                                   Renzo                       Anne Marie Bookwalter

The Trackers                                       Cedyr                        Michael Hackett

Rosencrentz and Guildenstern          Wilfred                     Joan Cummings

Are Dead

Happy End                                           Hannibal                  Hunter Bird

Into The Woods                                   Jack                           Anne Marie Bookwalter

Blood Brothers                                   Micky                         Anne Marie Bookwalter

Boom Chicago Cast Member ’16 -‘18

Performer, Writer, Comedian at Amsterdam Comedy and Sketch Theater.

Member of Hot Chocolate Party Sketch

Videos featured on ESPN’s SportCenter,, the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, & more

UCB Mess Hall Team Improv - Biscuits 

UCB Maude Sketch Team - Clapback 

UCB Character’s Welcome Team - Costello


Training & Workshops


Love and Other Ingredients     Lead

Monster Girls                             Supporting

Losing It: Webseries                   Supporting

Like A Cat                                    Lead

College Baby                               Lead

Cafe 1919                                   Supporting

The Genies                                  Supporting


Member of the Online Sketch Group Hot Chocolate Party                                       


Nancy Banks Acting Studio

- Scene Study - Daniel Travis


BA Theater - UCLA Theater, Film, and Televison

 - Acting: Joe Olivieri, April Shawhan, Judy Moreland, Mark Bennett, Michael Hackett 

 - Movement: Tom Orth, Ed Monaghan

 - Directing: Brian Kite

 - Singing: MaryJo Dupree, Jeremy Mann


London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts

 - Acting: Debbie Seymour, John Bashford, Jenny Lipman, Aaron Mullen

 - Movement:  John Baxter, Diane Scrivener, Jonathon Waller


UCB Improv 101, 201, & 301 - Billy Merrit, Will McLaughlin, Julie Brister

UCB Sketch 101, 201 - Allan McLeod, Tim Neenan

Stand Up  - Gerry Katzman

Viewpoints - Moica Payne







Height: 6’

American, E.U., and Canadian Citizenship.


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